2    Presentations WG2: Structural Safety

      2.1     Fire resistance of fiber concrete composite slab

                 Bednář J., Czech Republic

      2.2     Behaviour and modelling of timber connections in fire (short version)

                 Bouchair A., France

      2.3     Structural fire engineering - the need for robustness (short version)

                 Burgess I., United Kingdom

      2.4     Fire research projects in Macedonia (short version)

                 Cvetkovska M., Macedonia

      2.5     Integration of fire and earthquake engineering to design modern steel structures

                 Della Corte G., Italy

      2.6     Concrete explosive spalling of reinforced and prestressed units during fire (short version)

                 Dumitrescu D., Romania

      2.7     Research in the field of structural fire safety engineering at ETH Zurich (short version)

                 Frangi A., Switzerland

      2.8     Natural building materials by heat effect

                 Hajpál M., Hungary

      2.9     Robustness of car parks under localised fire: Tests on joints subject to thermal and mechanical loading

                 Haremza C., Portugal

2.10   To prediction of temperatures in connection of composite structure

           Jána T., Czech Republic

      2.11   Residual concrete strength after fire action (short version)

           Jovanoska M., Macedonia

      2.12   Research in the field of structural fire safety engineering in Germany (short version)

           Kirsch T., Germany

      2.13   Fire engineering in Switzerland – stability behaviour of steel structures in fire (short version)

           Knobloch M., Switzerland

      2.14   Fire research in Poland (short version)

           Krol P., Poland

      2.15   Computer simulations of structures in fire - feasibility, verification and validation

           Kwasniewski L., Poland

      2.16   Fire after earthquake (short version)

           Lazarov L., Macedonia

      2.17   Overview of the structural verification of buildings under fire in Spain

           Marimon F., Spain

      2.18   Recent Fire Safety Research at the Technische Universität München (short version)

           Mensinger M., Germany

2.19   Behaviour of RC elements in case of fire

           Todorov K., Macedonia

2.20   Steel beam under edge moments (short version)

           Tsalikis Ch., Greece

2.21   Fire engineering in Slovakia

           Vargovský K., Slovak Republic

      2.22   Nordic safety and security project (short version)

           Veljkovic M., Sweden

2.23   To structural fire engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague

           Wald F., Czech Republic

2.24   Temperature dependent thermal properties of fire protection materials (short version)

           Wang Y., United Kingdom

2.25   Fire design practice and research in Romania

           Zaharia R., Romania

2.26   Procedural method of application of engineering methods in Germany (short version)

           Zehfuss J., Germany