0-WG1-Case Study technical checklist-Block F

1-WG1-Fire safety design within retail - buying ‘more' for ‘less' by making informed decisions-Block F

3-WG1-Fire engineering for rehabilitation of the cinema ''Le Palace''-Cardorin J.-F

4-WG1-Cairo Expo City-Block F

5-WG1, WG2-Safeta assesment of steel structure of single storey industrial building after a local fire-Król P., Drabowicz Z

6-WG1, WG3-Fire engineering case studies in Finland- Outinen J., Heinisuo M

7-WG1-Redevelopment of Ascot Racecourse-Block F

8-WG1-Fire resistance of storage building-Sokol Z., Horová K

10-WG1, WG2-Fire in a large area shopink center-Kwasniewski L., Maslak M

11-WG1, WG2-Application of Structural Fire Engineering to open and closed car parks of C.A.S.E. Project for L’Aquila-E.Nigro, G

12-WG1-Thermal Analysis of a Double Deck Viaduct-Pinte D

14-WG1-reducing the risk of timber fires-Tsatsoulas D

15-WG2-Fire Design for Reconstruction of Vinohrady Brewery-Bednář J., Wald F

16-WG2,WG1-Reliability of steel roof structures of the spaladium sports hall in case of fire-Bjegovic D.,Peros B., Drakulic M., Rukavina M

17-WG2-Examination, assessment and repair of fire damage RC structure of ''Refinery-Okte'' in Skopje-Cvetkovska M., Lazarov l., Todorov K

18-WG2-Examination, assessment and repair of RC structures of building damage in firre-Cvetkovska M., Lazarov l., Todorov K

19-WG2-ME Hotel, London-Block F

20-WG2-A practical approach to study of fire resistance of a steel structure with open built-up members a columns- Jimenez A., Marimon F., Ferrer M

21-WG2-Fire Performance of an Office Building with Long-span Cellular Floor Beams - Britomart East, Auckland-Hicks S

22-WG1, WG2-Analysis and development of solutions for a modular steel system Fire Safety desing-Haremza C., Santiago A., Rodrigues J. P

23-WG2- Adidas Laces-Kirsch T., Shaumann P., Zehfuss J

24-WG2-Questionable fire safety assessment of the bakery plant building-Krol P.

28-WG2, WG3-Reconstruction of waterhouses in Budapest is the berth of CET-Szilágyi C., Hajpál M

29-WG2, WG3-Fire design of a new factory building in Athens-Pandousa D., Mistakidis E., Lambrou G

30-WG2,WG3-Faulty design of sport hall-Lacki K., Kowalski L.

31-WG2,WG3-Validation an advanced calculation model for the design of composite steel-concrete columns-Zaharia R., Dubina D

32-WG1, WG2, WG3-Application of fire safety engineering to the towers of the new courthouse of naples-Nigro E., Cefarelli G., Mazzolani F. M

33-WG3, WG1-Evalution of the fire resistance of the steel structure of an exhibition centre using structural fire safety engineering-Paulo V. R., Lopes N., Couto C

34-WG3-The reconversionrenovation of St.Felix Entrepot into city archives of Antwerpen (B.) (2002-2007)-De Naeyer A

35-WG3-Heron Tower London-Burgess I

37-WG3-The Pinnacle London-Burgess I

38-WG3-12-storey Office Building Kingdom Street, Central London-Burgess I