Integrated Fire Engineering and Response

COST action network number TU0904 in domain Transport and Urban Development

Training School for Young Researchers Fire Engineering Research - Key Issues for the Future

Sliema, Malta 11-14 April 2012


Jean-Marc Franssen, Université de Liège, Belgium

Session 1                                      Overview of the development of fire engineering in research and practice


Paulo Vila Real, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Session 2                                      Design methods – codified, prescriptive or performance-based?


Guillermo Rein, University of Edinburgh, UK

Session 3                                      Introduction to fire dynamics for structural engineers


Luke Bisby, University of Edinburgh, UK

Session 4a                                    Structural fire testing: Where are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?


Ian Burgess, University of Sheffield, UK

Session 4b                                   The need to design for robustness in fire


Yong Wang, University of Manchester, UK

Session 4c                                    Properties of fire protection materials with special reference to intumescent coatings


Florian Block, Buro Happold, Germany

Session 5                                      Fire engineering in practice - state of the art in performance-based design


Jim Marsden, Ignis Associates, UK

Session 6                                      Fire-engineering and structures a fire service view


František Wald, CVUT Prague, Czech republic

Session 14                                  Wrap-up presentation and discussion


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