3    Presentations WG3: Integrated Design

      3.1    Fire research and protection of built heritage - report on recent projects and their possible impact

concerning “integrated design”

           De Naeyer A., Belgium

3.2     Stochastic computation and hybrid event modeling approach for global fire safety analysis (short version)

           Dhima D., France

3.3     Common philosophy for design under extreme loadings

           Dubina D., Romania

3.4     Assessment of the robustness of structures subjected to fire following earthquake through

a performance-based approach (short version)

           Faggiano B., Italy

3.5     Fire safety codes in Romania

           Golgojan I-P., Romania

3.6     Fire Engineering in the UK (short version)

           Jenkins P., United Kingdom

3.7     Applications of fire engineering in the Czech Republic (short version)

           Kaiser R., Czech Republic

3.8     Experimental research conducted in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw, University of Technology

           Kowalski R., Poland

3.9     Utilization of different processes in fire design (short version)

           Kučera P., Czech Republic

3.10   Fire safety engineering in Portugal- some case studies (short version)

           Lopes N., Portugal

3.11   Design of a seismic resistant fire station

           Mazzolani F., Italy

3.12   Nonlinear analysis of steel frames to consider fire after earthquake scenarios (short version)

           Mistakidis E., Greece

3.13   Nonsmooth - nonconvex analysis, optimalization and mechanics (short version)

           Stavroulakis G., Greece

3.14   Portuguese regulation for define the building fire resistance requirements (short version)

           Vila Real P., Portugal