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Tools for Connection Design





Examples of Software






FINE offers the 2D and 3D structural analyses program including elements and connection check for structural steel.

Please run the setup of demo version from the library on CD Fin10Demo/Disk1.




ESA PT 4.3 is software for design, calculations and drawings of steel structures with complete connection design.



RSTAB is a 3D structural analysis program that includes various integrated modules for connection design.

Run Setup.exe to view videos of RSTAB and the connection modules.

More information including a demo version, more videos and manuals can be found at www.dlubal.com.


PowerConnect offers a user-friendly solution for connection design, see at page www.buildsoft.be.



CoP - The Connection Program - design of steel connection according to Eurocode 3, DIN 18800 or BS 5950.



JOINT is a tool for design of Scandinavian types of connections developed under the FINSTEEL project.

SCS Fastrak connection design software enables in accordance with the BCSA/SCI Green book a full design for: Bolts , End plates, Wide range of stiffeners, Local stanchion and rafter checks, Local haunch sections checks, Local tension and compression checks, All relevant welds.




Examples of Design Tables


Joints in steel construction: Simple connections, SCI P212, London 2002, ISBN 1-859420-72-9;

Joints in steel construction: Composite connections, SCI P213, London 1998, ISBN 1-859420-85-0;

Joints in steel construction: Moment connections, SCI P207, London 1995, ISBN 1-859420-18-4. scinews.steel-sci.org



Typisierte Anschlüsse im Stahlhochbau, Deutscher Stahlbau-Verband DSTV, Düsseldorf 2000, Vol. 1 and 2, ISBN 3-923726-74-0. www.deutscherstahlbau.de

The programs and design tables ware prepared based on European standards and checked by the experiences practitioner, but do not necessary reflect the position of project team members, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.


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