Termomechanics -- lectures(102FTB)


Basic concepts of thermodynamics : thermodynamic system, state, process, temperature, equations of state, 1st law of thermodynamics, specific heat capacity, calorimetry.

Conduction of heat by conduction: Fourier's law, heat transfer coefficient of structures, thermal resistance, conduction of heat in cylindrical symmetry. Equations of heat and simple examples of its solution (1D, steady-state case). Types of boundary conditions. Periodic heat transfer, attenuation, phase shift of temperature oscillation.

Newton's law of cooling

Heat transfer by radiation: Planck radiation law, Wien law, emission and absorption at different wavelengths, selective absorbers, heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer between two planar surfaces, radiation shielding

Mass transport: Diffusion, Fick's law, diffusion equations, moisture condensation in construction


Credit is granted on the basis of a credit test.




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