Professional Orientation

Field of Research

  • Experimental Physics & Mechanics in Civil Engineering
  • Modification of Interphase Interaction in Composite Materials
  • Response and Behavior of Fibrous Composite Materials during Loading
  • Modification and Analysis of Solid Material Surfaces
  • Recycling of Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Development & Testing of Building Materials
  • Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering
  • Plasma Technology in Civil Engineering
  • Modification & Testing of Bituminous Binders

Civil Engineering

  • Design & Assessment of Building Structures (DSP, DPS, structural parts)
  • Fire Fighting Documentation (DZP)

Selected Publications

  • Valentin, J., Trejbal, J., Nežerka, V. et al. A comprehensive study on adhesion between modified bituminous binders and mineral aggregates. Construction & Building Materials. 2021, 2021(305).
  • Valentin, J., Trejbal, J., Nežerka, V. et al. Characterization of quarry dusts and industrial by-products as potential substitutes for traditional fillers and their impact on water susceptibility of asphalt concrete. Construction & Building Materials. 2021, 2021(301).
  • Domonkos, M., Tichá, P., Trejbal J. and Demo, P. Applications of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technology in Medicine, Agriculture and Food Industry. Applied sciences. 2021, 2021(11).
  • Hlůžek R., Trejbal J., Nežerka V. et al. Improvement of bonding between synthetic fibers and a cementitious matrix using recycled concrete powder and plasma treatment: from a single fiber to FRC. European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering. 2020.
  • Nežerka V., Havlásek P., Trejbal J. Mitigating inclusion-induced shrinkage cracking in cementitious composites by incorporating recycled concrete fines. Construction & Building Materials. 2020, 2020(248).
  • Prošek Z., Trejbal J., Nežerka V. et al. Recovery of residual anhydrous clinker in finely ground recycled concrete. Resources, Conservation & Recycling. 2020, 155.
  • Nežerka V., Trejbal J. Assessment of aggregate-bitumen coverage using entropy-based image segmentation. Road Materials & Pavement Design. 2019.
  • Trejbal J., Nežerka V. et al. Stanovení přilnavosti asfaltových pojiv ke kamenivu pomoci semi-automatických metod. Silniční obzor. 2019, 80(2).
  • Prošek Z. et al. Role of lime, fly ash, and slag in cement pastes containing recycled concrete fines. Construction & Building Materials. 2019, 201.
  • Trejbal J.Mechanical properties of lime-based mortars reinforced with plasma treated glass fibers. Construction & Building Materials. 2018, 2018(190).
  • Trejbal J., Nežerka V. et al. Deterioration of bonding capacity of plasma-treated polymer fiber reinforcement. Cement & Concrete Composites. 2018, 89.
  • Somr M., Nežerka V., Trejbal J. Contact angle measurement tool based on image analysis. Experimental Techniques 2018, 41(262).
  • Trejbal J. et al. Impact of surface plasma treatment on the performance of PET fiber reinforcement in cementitious composites. Cement & Concrete Research 2016, 89.
  • Topič J. et al. Shrinkage of the cement pastes with different amount of finely ground recycled concrete. International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering. 2015, 04(02).

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