COST Action C26 Urban habitat constructions under catastrophic events
Prague Workshop March 30-31, 2007

Workshop posters

Session of WG1 - Fire resistance, F. Wald, Y. Wang

Connection modelling in fire

Burgess I., United Kingdom

Mechanics of tensile membrane action

Burgess I., United Kingdom

Fire analysis on steel portal frames damaged after earthquake according to performance based design

Faggiano B., Esposto M., Mazzolani F.M., & Landolfo R., Italy

Precious and cossfire: two RFCS projects on joints subjected to fire

Franssen J.M. & Hanus F., Belgium

Numerical analysis of beam to column connection at elevated temperatures

Kwasniewski L., Poland

Stainless steel structural elements in case of fire

Lopes N., Vila Real P.M.M., Simões da Silva L., Portugal & Franssen J.-M., Belgium

Fire design of composite steel-concrete columns under natural fire

Pintea D.  & Zaharia R., Romania

Variations of forces in a real steel structure tested in fires

Sokol Z. & Wald F., Czech Republic

Analytical model for the web post buckling in cellular beams under fire

Vassart O., Luxemburg, Bouchaïr H. & Muzeau J.-P., France

Temperature of the header plate connection subject to a natural fire

Wald F., Chlouba J. & Kallerová P., Czech Republic

Temperatures in unprotected steel connections in fire

Wang Y., Ding J., Dai X.H. & Bailey C.G., United Kingdom

Steel framed structure under fire loading

            Drabowicz Z., Kwasniewski L., Poland


Session of WG3 - Impact and explosion resistance, M.P. Byfield, DeMatteis

Behavior of microreinforced soil under impact loads of small magnitude

A.I.A. Mendes, C.A.S. Rebelo & M.I.M. Pinto, Portugal


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