Anna Kuklikova

Short resume:

Anna Kuklikova is a graduate of the Czech Technical University of Prague where she was awarded the degree of M. Sc.
From 1978 to 1994 she worked as an expert in building industry. Since 1994 she has been working at the Czech Technical University as an Assistant Professor specializing in Timber Structures.
She participated in the solution of research grants both of the Czech Republic and of the European Communities, in the sphere of timber structures and wood mechanics.


Timber Structures 10 (basic course in timber structures)
Timber Structures 20 (light - frame structures, panelized systems, frames and arches)
Composite Timber Structures (timber and concrete structures and bridges)


Non-destructive evaluation of structural timber and structural timber elements.
Stabilisation of timber framed buildings against action of wind, control of floor vibrations, performance and design of composite structural elements.


More than 10 textbooks, standards and papers.

Collaboration with Industry:

Consulting and desing of timber structures.


E-mail address: Anna Kuklikova
Phone: +420 2 2435 4402
Fax:+420 2 3333 7466