CM01 - Content of the Course
1. Structural analysis of concrete structures
- requirements of the structural design, principles and procedure of the design, conceptual design, preliminary analysis, terminology
-idealisation of the structure and of loads, structural models, choose of the method of structural ailing
- methods of structural analysis of concrete structures - linear-elastic method, redistribution, nonlinear methods, plastic analysis, analysis of disturbed areas, global and local methods
2. Flooring systems
- slabs - classification according to structural behaviour (spanning, supporting), technology (in-situ, precast, composite), sectio (solid, hollowed), benefits and disadvantages of particular types
- one-way slabs - analysis, reinforcing and detailing
- two-way slabs
slabs supported on four sides - methods of analysis, calculation of bending moments, reinforcing, detailing
slabs supported on columns, flat plates - slabs with drops and caps, stiffening elements, methods of analysis - equivalent frame method, direct design method, punching, reinforcing, detailing, calculation of deflection - simplified method
3. High-rise buildings
- structural systems – classification, column systems, wall systems, combined systems
- concrete frames – behaviour, braced and sway frames, structural model, load cases, calculation of loads, simplified methods, choose of subframes, slender columns, reinforcing, detailing, layout of reinforcement
- stiffening elements – principles of layout of the stiffening elements, proportioning of lateral load to shear walls, stiffness in bending, stiffness in shear, combined stiffness, principles of the shear wall design, reinforcing, detailing
- stairs – types, classification, stairs with self-containing steps, slab staircase, stairs with stringers, behaviour, reinforcing, detailing
- deep beams behaviour, principles of analysis, reinforcing
4. Foundations
- foundations – types, classification
- footings – plain concrete and reinforced footing, soil pressure, design of reinforcement
- strip footing
- mat, raft footing
- basement walls, retaining walls
Precast elements – specialities of precast elements design