Integrated Fire Engineering and Response

COST action network number TU0904 in domain Transport and Urban Development


Training School   on 11-16 April 2012

Fire Engineering Research - Key Issues for the Future

Abstracts of trainees theses

Session 7

7.1                   Alexandru Botici

Sustainable retrofitting solutions for precast concrete residential buildings

7.2                   Cécile Haremza

Robustness of steel composite open car parks under localised fire –Numerical evaluation of the effect of axial restraints

 7.3                   Csaba Szilagyi

The correct size of the fire and the observing of the effects of the fire-extinguisher system


Session 8

8.1                   Aleksandra Cvetanovska

Fire behaviour of steel columns

8.2                   Daphne Pantousa

Study of the behaviour of steel and composite structures in fire-after-earthquake events

8.3                   Gianluca de Sanctis

Generic Fire Risk Assessment in residential and industrial buildings


Session 9

9.1                   Gillermo Abril

The behaviour of a particular technique of passive fire protection

9.2                   Monika Hajpal

Laboratory fire resistance tests of building structures in Hungary

9.3                   Jiri Jirku                        

Fire resistance of galvanised members


Session 10

10.1               John Gales                    

Post-tensioned concrete structures at elevated temperature and in fire

10.2               Kamila Horova             

Travelling fire in multi-storey buildings

10.3               Tim Heistermann

Component behaviour of reverse channel connections

10.4               Mikko Salminen

Applicability of linear analysis in fire design of tubular steel trusses


Session 11

11.1               Carlos Couto                

Fire behaviour in wood – Impregnation method

11.2               Josep Culi                     

Fire behaviour in wood – Impregnation method¨

11.3               Robert Pecenko           

Fire analysis of prestressed hollow-core slab


Session 12

12.1               Tomaz Hozjan              

Analysis of steel–concrete composite beam with interlayer slip in fire conditions

12.2               Naveed Iqbal                

Numerical study of the behaviour of a sub-frame assembly in a composite framed structure exposed to fire

12.3               Pawel Krol                    

Reliability aspects of fire design


Session 13

13.1               Roberta Fonti               

Protection of historical buildings against catastrophic actions: case studie

13.2               Ruirui Sun                    

Progressive Collapse Analysis of Steel/Composite Frames under Fire Conditions

13.3               Neno Toric                   

New numerical models for behaviour of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire


Session 14

14.1               Giuseppe Cefarelli       

To be completed

14.2               Diana Duma                 

Sustainable retrofitting solutions for precast concrete residential buildings

14.3               Teemu Tiainen             

Simplification of steel truss design in fire - optimization approach


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