5.1 To Fire Test of Composite Floor With Castellated Beams

5.2 Numerical study of composite cellular beams in fire

5.3 Structural fire Engineering Research at the University of Sheffield 1985-2010

5.4 Composite columns exposed to fire

5.5 Fire resistant of moment resisting steel frames damaged by earthquake

5.6 Concrete Explosive Spalling of Reinforced and Prestressed Units during the Fire

5.7 Analysis of Cooling Processes in High Strength Concretes under Natural Fires

5.8 High Performance Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

5.9 Rubustness of car parks under lacalised fire_ Test on joints subjected to thermal and mechanical loaing

5.10 The Composite Slab on Beams With Corrugated Web Exposed to Fire

5.11 Residual concreate strength after fire action

5.12 Behaviour of Slim-Floor-Beams in Fire

5.13 Stability Behavior of Steel Structures in Fire

5.14 Fire Research in Poland

5.15 Structures under fire Examples of virtual testing

5.16 Fire after earthquake in case of RC frame

5.17 Spalling Nomograms_ a sensitivity analysis of the behaviour of High Strngth Concretes under Natural Fires

5.18 Recent Fire Safety Research at the Technische Universitat Munchen

5.20 National project on the behavior of structures under fire after earthquake scenarios

5.21 Axial restrain effect on fire resistance of RC beams

5.22 Steel beam under edge moments

5.23 Fire Engineering in Slovakia

5.25 Temperature of External Column During Fire Test

5.27 Recent fire design practice and research in Romania

5.28 Performance-based design of a wide-span steel girder for the headquarter of adidas