Innovation transfer on Fire Resistance Assessment of Partially Protected Composite Floor

to SME's and Universities

Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation n°2009-1-LU1-LEO 05-00219

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The phenomena of behaviour of the partially protected composite floor system in fire have been observed for the first time during the Cardington natural fire test in 1997. Analysis of the unexpected behaviour of the floor and resistance to fire lead to unveiling of membrane action which is activated in the reinforced slab in fire conditions at the moment when the system cannot rely anymore on the resistance of the unprotected secondary steel beams.

The partners involved in the project have already experience in fire engineering and they are a good reference in this field in their countries. Finally, introducing the methodology in a big part of Europe at the same time follows the systemised approach represented by Eurocode to promote homogeneous design. By translating the design guides and software to local languages the partners alowed access to the materals to broader audience.

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